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With Jumbo Ticket, you join a league where winners are made. We are an organization that aims to help people across the world achieve their dreams and much more. It's an initiative where we want to give back to our community by changing their dreams into reality. Join and be a part of us!

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Our Support Initiative

Changing lives, for the GOOD!

Jumbo Ticket is an organization which aims to help and support millions of people around the world with their aspirations and inspirations. We want to be at the forefront in encouraging people by assisting them through various charity projects, non-profit organizations, and less fortunate societies. Our prime focus is to serve Orphans and Old age homes around the globe through an unfaltering and everlasting commitment for their societal and personal development. With every ticket you purchase, some part of that amount is a helping hand towards changing someone’s life for the good. For more information, kindly visit www.charitywebsite.com