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We thrive on the transparency of our process and the life changing stories of our winners.
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With Jumbo Ticket, you join a league where winners are made. We are an organization that aims to help people around the world achieve their dreams and much more. It's an initiative where we want to give back to our community by shifting their dreams into reality. Join and be a part of us!

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Secured RNG

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Instant Withdrawals


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Our Premium Jackpots

Participate in our lucrative jackpots curated for your jumbo sized dreams.

We believe that a single moment can turn out to be life-changing. Hence, we provide you the opportunity to participate in three exclusive jackpots with minimal ticket price to maximize your chances of making it big!

Mega Jackpot


$100,000 Jackpot

$5000 2nd Place

$1000 3rd, 4th, 5th Places

$100 6th to 20th Places

Royal Jackpot


$500,000 Jackpot

$10000 2nd Place

$2500 3rd, 4th, 5th Places

$300 6th to 25th Places

Jumbo Jackpot

$1 Million

$1 Million Jackpot

$20000 2nd Place

$5000 3rd, 4th, 5th Places

$500 6th to 30th Places

Jumbo Ticket Refer A Friend Program

Ready to earn more money than the jackpots?
Join our Refer A Friend program and maximise your profits.

What makes us unique?

We strive to provide you with the absolute best of the online lottery experience.

Returns in Cryptocurrency

Returns in crypto currency

Get credited in 9 different cryptocurrencies and increase your crypto portfolio to have a profitable future.

Choose to be Anonymous

Choose to be Anonymous

Now you can choose to not reveal our identity and stay anonymous after winning big!

Instant Cashouts

Instant Cashouts

Get instantly credited after your win because we don’t like to make our winners wait to taste their sweet victory.

100% Secure and Trusted

100% Secure and Trusted

We seek to provide you unparalleled security and a reliable and completely transparent online lottery experience which ensures a smooth winning process.

The Winner’s Club

Read what our winners have to say about us.

Our Latest Winners

Select one of the below jackpots to view the winners.

Prize Name Draw Date Prize Amount Ticket No. Nationality
Jackpot Darius cuevas 05 Apr 2023 $100000.00 280589  Australia
Second Roger martens 05 Apr 2023 $5000.00 463518  Belgium
Third Simon Rodriguez 05 Apr 2023 $1000.00 683763  Colombia
Third Samuel Adu-gyamfi 05 Apr 2023 $1000.00 927483  Ghana
Third Vin mikitenko 05 Apr 2023 $1000.00 174945  Germany
Fourth Kwabena Agyei 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 877338  Ghana
Fourth Glovanna Branch 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 184826  Canada
Fourth Nopra Dela 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 534748  South Africa
Fourth Jarmila Luňáková 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 656757  Czech Republic
Fourth maximiliano ortega 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 343493  Argentina
Fourth Amelia Pfennig 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 364199  Germany
Fourth Retno Budiman 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 637462  Indonesia
Fourth Lindelwa mabija 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 679655  South Africa
Fourth Yoselin blake 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 263986  Canada
Fourth meredith Vandevele 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 332928  Belgium
Fourth Aranzazu Diez 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 781849  Brazil
Fourth Elon Ahmad 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 311241  Indonesia
Fourth Cristina velasco 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 460875  Chile
Fourth Lane Hall 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 960868  Australia
Fourth Eugenia Jimenez 05 Apr 2023 $100.00 657175  Costa Rica
Prize Name Draw Date Prize Amount Ticket No. Nationality
Jackpot Bertille Mathiev 05 Apr 2023 $500000.00 574343  France
Second Mitchell Starc 05 Apr 2023 $10000.00 131315  South Africa
Third Ayman Abdelhakim 05 Apr 2023 $2500.00 913179  Egypt
Third Santino mccullough 05 Apr 2023 $2500.00 150502  Australia
Third Miqueas Ibanez 05 Apr 2023 $2500.00 163830  Colombia
Fourth Gabriela Koppova 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 604691  Czech Republic
Fourth Joy Ostwald 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 182604  Germany
Fourth Paulin kasa 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 515862  Congo Democratic Republic
Fourth Johannes Laaksonem 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 427742  Finland
Fourth kisimba Tshimanga 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 750017  Congo Democratic Republic
Fourth Hana malinova 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 517494  Czech Republic
Fourth Musa Brouwer 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 608798  Netherlands
Fourth Hugo benitez 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 877979  Costa Rica
Fourth Rose Brun 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 135138  France
Fourth Leila Zavala 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 522192  Canada
Fourth Ama ofori kwakye 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 481900  Ghana
Fourth patricio Vazquez 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 501747  Chile
Fourth Joe Declercq 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 517624  Belgium
Fourth Esteban Lopez 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 385077  Argentina
Fourth Benyamin berg 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 239672  Netherlands
Fourth Lemma megersa 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 712938  Ethiopia
Fourth Abdulfethi Ahmed 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 165738  Ethiopia
Fourth Edvard Cerny 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 249368  Croatia
Fourth megan Stichting 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 203142  Netherlands
Fourth Beatrice Ama ofori 05 Apr 2023 $300.00 902227  Ghana
Prize Name Draw Date Prize Amount Ticket No. Nationality
Jackpot Iveta Slavikona 05 Apr 2023 $1000000.00 386749  Czech Republic
Second Mwana Kanyamu 05 Apr 2023 $20000.00 537296  Congo Democratic Republic
Third Rigoberto Pena 05 Apr 2023 $5000.00 694928  Argentina
Third Rosalina Gunarto 05 Apr 2023 $5000.00 842948  Indonesia
Third Hisham Abdelnaby 05 Apr 2023 $5000.00 788926  Egypt
Fourth Leona Dejmkova 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 680522  Czech Republic
Fourth Jaime Duran 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 615095  Colombia
Fourth Valentin Ferrer 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 396928  Costa Rica
Fourth Esther Heuvel 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 749867  Netherlands
Fourth Ramiro Cortes 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 394913  Costa Rica
Fourth Marika Ahonen 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 600398  Finland
Fourth Wayne Declercq 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 130223  Belgium
Fourth Isabelle Marchand 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 300743  France
Fourth Odunayo Ogunyemi 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 199978  South Africa
Fourth Dagmawi Woubshet 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 900169  Ethiopia
Fourth Estifanos Tilahun 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 698631  Ethiopia
Fourth Jared Vandenberghe 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 968670  Belgium
Fourth Gerardo Martin 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 425371  Colombia
Fourth Jacquelyn Crawford 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 245240  Canada
Fourth Paulina Cochrain 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 754389  Australia
Fourth Davian Gutierrez 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 222205  Australia
Fourth Oto Duran 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 405536  Brazil
Fourth Silent 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 624535  South Africa
Fourth Jenna Turner 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 388747  Canada
Fourth Timo Jarvienen 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 711439  Finland
Fourth Thies Kuschmann 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 904211  Germany
Fourth Kareem Ali 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 539621  Egypt
Fourth Ildefonso Sanz 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 673435  Costa Rica
Fourth Danang Salma 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 287250  Indonesia
Fourth Benito Iglesias 05 Apr 2023 $500.00 957747  Chile


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Frequently Asked Questions

Jumbo ticket always strives to build a beneficial future for its clients, partners and associates. Secure gameplay and lotteries gives each user a better chance of winning each lottery. Our customers are our highest priority and we strive to fulfill every requirement of them with integrity and quality . With Jumbo Ticket, you can play a variety of lotteries to win different jackpot amounts after buying a ticket for as low as 10$.
RNG (Random number generator) are hardware devices that take non - deterministic inputs and generates a random number every time. The winning ticket numbers are determined by these numbers which can not be pre-determined thus cancelling all chances of foul play.
You have higher chances of winning as there is always a winning number and an assured winner. You can participate in crypto lotteries from any part of the world. You do not need to deposit huge amounts to win massive jackpots.
Jumbo Ticket supports the following cryptocurrencies for payment. 1. Bitcoin 2. Etherium 3. USDT (TRC20) 4. USDT (ERC20) 5. XRP 6. Dogecoin 7. Tron 8. Binance 9. Litecoin
When you register on our dashboard, you will be asked to update your payment information for any of the 9 cryptocurrencies mentioned below. Bitcoin,Etherium,USDT(TRC20),USDT(ERC20),XRP,DogecoinTron,Binance,Litecoin. Once updated that will become your default payment method. Note that you can only update your payment details twice.
Click on the SIGNUP Icon located on the top right hand corner On the registration page enter your personal details ( Name, email , Country and Mobile No.) Select password and click Sign Up to complete the Registration You will be redirected to a page which displays your Login Credentials. You can then use the credentials to login to Jumbo Ticket. If you choose to sign up using your google account, click on signup through google option. Here, enter your google id manually if it doesn’t show your logged google accounts already and enter your password to signup.
Jumbo ticket lottery program extensively consists of three jackpots. Users can buy tickets for any of the three jackpots and when the number declared during are live draws match your ticket number, you are chosen as the jackpot WINNER. Unlike conventional lottery systems, Jumbo Ticket celebrates not one but 75 winners every month
Jumbo Ticket is a secured and certified site which is probably fair. Jumbo Ticket strives for 100% customer satisfaction.
Yes, all winnings are paid in Cryptocurrency. You can choose your prefered cryptocurrency to withdraw from the following. 1. Bitcoin 2. Etherium 3. USTD (ERC20) 4. USTD (TRC20) 5. XRP 6. Doge 7. Tron 8. Binance 9. Litecoin
All winners of Jumbo Ticket draws are selected anonymously by our Hosts during our Jumbo Ticket Live Draw which is conducted on the 5th of every month. You can watch our previous live draws where you can see that every winner is chosen, completely at random.
Withdrawals are not automatic. When users wish to make a withdrawal, they will have to click on the 'withdraw' button on the left panel on the dashboard; that will reveal three options, here click on withdraw funds button. Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw, add the wallet address and after you enter the g2fa otp, your withdrawal request will be sent. Once the withdrawal is complete, users will receive an email confirming the transaction.
You can purchase tickets after you complete the g2fa authorization and deposit money in your jumbo ticket wallet. On the dashboard, you can see banners of the three jackpots we offer. Clicking on that will enable you to choose the tickets of your choice and complete purchasing the ticket.
Users older than 18 can participate in the lottery if you have the valid ticket for the respective contests.
The tickets purchased are valid until the live draw is conducted. The draws happen live on the 5th of every month. Say you buy a ticket this month after the 5th, it will be valid up till 5th of next month.
There is no limit. You can buy as many tickets as you want to increase your chances of winning.
No, a ticket can be used only once. But users can buy more than 1 ticket for the upcoming draw. Buy more tickets, increase your chance of winning.
You can buy upto 108 tickets at one go.
You can view all your ticket purchased; both current and past, by clicking on the TICKET HISTORY option in the left panel on your Jumbo Ticket Dashboard.
You can purchase tickets for yourself and others by adding their member id in the buy tickets page. Before you do so, choose the ‘buy ticket for others’ option. Please dont choose this option if you are buying the tickets for yourself.
You can view all your active tickets as well as all the tickets you had purchased in the past by clicking on the TICKET HISTORY option from your Jumbo Ticket Dashboard.
You will receive a digital Ticket when purchasing any of your live draw tickets. You can view this ticket once purchased on the My tickets section on the left panel on your dashboard.
The amount you win depends on the contest you take part in. The jackpot amount can vary anywhere between $100,000 to $1 MILLION in winnings.
After each draw, our customer service team will reach out to you on the same day to let you know that you have won. We will also post the complete list of winners on our website the same day the draw is organised.
The winning amount will get credited to your wallet once the event concludes. You will be notified of the same. Withdraw the winning amount to claim your prizes.
If there is any delay in receiving your winning or any kind of discrepancy, please contact our support team. You can do this by raising a support ticket from your dashboard. While doing so feel free to attach any screenshot or other supporting material that will help our team understand the nature of the situation and alleviate the issue at the earliest.
Usually your winnings will be reflected in your account within 24 hrs after the winning ticket is announced. The transaction time solely depends on the payment gateway chosen by the users.
Yes 100% of our winning amount are given in cryptocurrency, you can choose your prefered cryptocurrency to withdraw from the following list: 1. Bitcoin 2. Etherium 3. USDT (ERC20) 4. USDT (TRC20) 5. XRP 6. Doge 7. Tron 8. Binance 9. Litecoin
All winners of Jumbo Ticket draws are selected anonymously by our Hosts during our Jumbo Ticket Live Draw which is conducted on the 5th of every month. You can watch our previous live draws where you can see that every winner is chosen, completely at random.
You can withdraw from either your “I” or “R” wallet from the Jumbo Ticket dashboard to your personal Cryptocurrency wallet. You can do this by clicking on the Withdraw funds section in your Jumbo Ticket Dashboard
Yes you can use your winnings and commissions from any of 3 wallets : F, I and R wallets to make a purchase in the Jumbo Ticket Dashboard.
Our Refer A Friend program is tailor-made for people who want a steady stream of income other than the Jumbo Jackpots. Enroll in this exclusive program, refer your friends and family using the marketing collaterals provided on your dashboard and earn exclusive bonuses on every successful referral.
Login to the main website. Register for the Refer A Friend program through the options provided in the referral page. Get started on your Refer A Friend program.
After your referral confirmation has been credited, you will receive an email confirming the transaction. The bonus amount will be reflected in your "I" wallet on the Jumbo Ticket dashboard.
Yes, you can start earning constantly and earn more money by joining our Affiliate program or by referring Jumbo Ticket to your friends and family
Go to My account tab and click on the deposit tab to start depositing money.
You can withdraw your funds from the dashboard under the withdraw funds option in the left panel.
Click here to reset your password through your Email ID.
Your account is safe and secure with us since we do not collect any sensitive private information such as bank accounts.
No, only one account per person is allowed. Players with multiple accounts will be blacklisted from the website.
For any queries regarding billing, please raise a ticket by clicking on the SUPPORT TICKET option in your Jumbo Ticket Dashboard
Note that once created, users cannot delete their account. You can logout from the jumbo Ticket website by clicking the logout icon located on the top right corner in the Dashboard.
Please raise a support ticket for any queries regarding adding funds.
On the dashboard, Click on the support button. Here you will see three departments : Management, technical and sales. Click on either one department, depending on the type of issue you are facing. You can also view previous complaints here. Clicking on either of the departments, you will be taken to this page. Here, address the issues you are facing in accessing the dashboard features.
After you’ve registered on Jumbo Ticket Download and Install the Google 2FA app on your phone Click on the Google Authentication panel on the Jumbo Ticket Dashboard A QR code and 16 digit code will you shown your Jumbo Ticket Page Scan the OR code or manually enter the 16 digit code using your Google 2FA app on your phone.Make sure to save your Backup key which will be used to rebind your account in the next step. Enter the Secret key, Login Password and 2FA Code to complete the process. NOTE : It is essential that you save the 16 digit Secret Key in case you lose the number, it is impossible to retrieve your account.
We reserve the right to suspend accounts of players who have deposited money in their account and whose account has been inactive for over 6 months. Any remaining Cryptocurrency will be withheld until the User will make an account reactivation via sending a request to [email protected]

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