Jumbo ticket always strives to build a beneficial future for its clients, partners and associates. Secure gameplay and lotteries gives each user a better chance of winning each lottery. Customer is our highest priority and we strive to fulfill customer requirements with highest quality. With Jumbo Ticket, you can also play a variety of lotteries to win different amounts of jackpots.
House edge is the minimum percentage of the winnings which is taken by the service providers as a commission. The more the house edge, the less your winnings.
Cryptocurrencies are the new digital medium of exchange. Found in 2009, Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to be traded online. Cryptography is used to implement a distributed, decentralised and secure information economy.
You have higher chances of winning as there is always a winning number and an assured winner. You can participate in crypto lotteries from any part of the world. You do not need to deposit huge amounts to win massive jackpots.
Jumbo ticket is one of the leading international lottery sites which strives to provide secure and life changing lottery packages. It is a platform where you can win millions and at the same time assist others win millions.
Jumbo ticket lottery is an opportunity where the user buys a certain number of tickets with its unique serial numbers. The serial number drawn from the lottery is declared as winner and awarded prizes.
Jumbo Ticket is a secured and certified site which is probably fair. Jumbo Ticket strives for 100% customer satisfaction.
You can purchase tickets after you deposit money in your account. You can select the contest you wanna participate in and join it using the tickets you buy.
Users older than 18 can participate in the lottery if you have the valid ticket for the respective contests.
The tickets that you buy are valid until the draw is conducted and the winners are announced. No tickets are valid after the contest has been concluded.
You can buy a total of 500 tickets.
In Jumbo Ticket, each contest has a specified package for the number of draws that you can have. The number of draws can be anywhere between 1 to 3 depending on the package that you buy.
You can buy upto 105 tickets at one go.
The amount you win depends on the contest you take part in. The jackpot amount can vary anywhere between 100 thousand dollars to a MILLION dollar in winnings.
After each draw, our customer service team will reach out to you on the same day to let you know that you have won. We will also post the complete list of winners on our website the same day the draw is organised.
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Our affiliate program is tailor-made for people who want a steady stream of income other than the Jumbo Jackpots. Join us as our affiliate to refer your friends and earn money.
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After a referral confirmation, our customer service team will reach out to you on the same day to let you know that you have received a referral bonus. The bonus amount will also be reflected in your personal dashboard and wallet.
Go to My account tab and click on the deposit tab to start depositing money.
My account tab offers a withdraw section through which you can withdraw money the way you like.
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Your account is safe and secure with us since we do not collect any sensitive private information such as bank accounts.
No, only one account per person is allowed. Players with multiple accounts will be blacklisted from the website.